VNG Congresses

We can be an important intermediary for your meetings in three different areas:

  • national conferences, regional meetings and expert meetings;
  • courses and training courses;
  • trade fairs and information markets

VNG Congressen is a full-service organization and you can, therefore, choose from a broad list of packages:

  • from participant registration and receipt to advice;
  • from on-site support to functional coordination;
  • from creative concepts and advice on working methods to total project management;
  • from location mediation to participant evaluation.

For governments, diverse organizations and companies, around 300 meetings are organized annually. The number of participants arrays from 10 to 20 at an expert meeting to more than 3000 people at a multi-day conference.

VNG Congressen is the specialist of the local government for the organization of conferences, professional meetings, courses and other meetings for both civil servants and administrators. With a focus on municipalities, provinces and water channels boards, we also organize on behalf of educational institutions, knowledge institutes, umbrella organizations and national government meetings. Every year about 300 meetings take place under our responsibility.

VNG Congressen
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