Cygnea... 'A perfect day'

From incentive to customer day; from large congress to round table conversation. Cygnea has over 15 years of experience in the organization of business meetings. The Cygnea team has mastered the profession right down to the fingertips. Professional, meticulous, pro-active and always: meeting excellence focused.

We have everything in the house to take the organization of your congress completely to a different level so that you can fully focus on your role of host. However, if you would like, your organization can also do part of the work itself. We always do our best to align with you. For example: how things could be done more efficiently and better, or: what suitable locations are available and how to set good (price) arrangements with them.

From concept to execution ... everything in one

Cygnea specializes in organizing meetings for, among others, the pharmaceutical industry, scientific associations and technology institutions. These meetings require specialist proficiency of participant listing, accreditations, incentive handling, sponsorship as well as the latest techniques and international contacts.

Listening and asking questions. What would you like? What would you expect? How can we create 'A perfect day' for you? The Cygnea congress team devises the concept, in consultation with you. You decide what else we can do. Our packages are also available in separate modules: conference management, participant registration (including participant payments), incentive handling, sponsor recruitment and conference technology.

Interactive Response Systems

Cygnea is an experienced and inspiring agency for congress organization, but also the specialist in interactive Response Systems and supplier of audio-visual resources required you’re your conferences. Cygnea is unique in the following: as one of the few organizational agencies, Cygnea is able to manage the organization and technology itself, in order to achieve a flawless execution. Cygnea offers you those extras that help you exceed the expectations of your participants. Working together on ‘a perfect day’ ...

With our interactive (voting) system you can actively involve participants in your topic. Cygnea makes new functions, especially for you. Do you want a combination with social media? Or a personalized RFID card for every congressman? We offer you the astonishing solution that is right for you.

Together for 'A perfect day'

Our agency has loyal employees offering, direct and clear communication lines. You will benefit of your own project manager at Cygnea as your regular contact person. The project manager is supported at Cygnea by an enthusiastic and expert project team, which guarantees fast response times and a good back-up. We also secure the data files, essential for every business meeting, for our client, so that in case of misfortunes the progress of the event is not jeopardized.

We provide feasible and clear schedules, transparent budgets, clear and timely reports, clear invoices and an insightful financial settlement of participant payments.

The power of Cygnea is cooperation, eye for detail and reliability. Get to know us more closely on our website and then feel free to make a no-obligation appointment to discover what Cygnea can do for you. Together with you we then take care of your 'perfect day'!

Cygnea is affiliated with MPI (Meeting Professionals International), and partner of Rotterdam Marketing.

We manage the organization and technology!

As one of the few certified congress agencies, Cygnea is able to control arrangements and technology in order to achieve a flawless execution of every business meeting. Cygnea has all the necessary expertise for arranging a conference, from registration, organization and coordination, to the use of AV resources, interactive response systems, website and development.

The brief, direct and clear lines of communication are a plus of the extensive internal structure of our agency, partly because Cygnea only uses its own employees. Freelancers are only used exceptionally and always under the leadership of a Cygnea representative. The Cygnea project manager is, therefore, your regular contact person. If required by the client, the AV and technical support are therefore entirely in-house.

Digital security backup through the use of the online cloud systems warrants the client that can assume that whatever misfortune occurs (not reachable from the office Cygnea, power outage in Schoonhoven, etc.) anywhere in the world he finds himself, he has always access to databases, presentations and other necessary documents. Through specific procedures and internally usage of project management system Trias, you ensure that in case of unwanted absence of the project manager, the project works seamlessly.

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